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Here at Nothing’s New, we believe in fashioning bold pieces for the contemporaneous individual. We believe in hand picking only the best fabrics to produce high-quality, hand-sewn clothing.

Our clothes are conceived and produced by our local team of designers here in Singapore. Our single-size garment concept guides us in ensuring that each piece is designed to have a distinctive silhouette for varying body types. Our hope is to create pieces that are non binary: whether you subscribe to being a man, a lady, somewhere in between, or none at all, it is our hope that you can find something here that you’ll rock.  


"Dude? Chick? We don't discriminate, it's all unisex here anyway"




Fashion comes and goes and honestly Nothing's New in this day and age of fashion. With that said, there's still enough of it (fashion) to go around. 

Here at Nothing's New, we believe in piecing things together to create something that is uniquely you. Why limit yourself to five colours in your wardrobe when you can have an entire palette? 


Wear what you please, wear what you want, wear a smile on your face while you're at it. 

Handpicked fabric, hand sewn clothes, all made here in sunny Singapore.

Why Unisex clothing?

We don't want to be telling you how you should wear your clothes.

Wear what you please.